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Black Canyon Audubon Society was formed in 1990 and is one of 11 National Audubon Society chapters in Colorado. The BCAS is committed to the conservation of natural resources through our birding, conservation, and educational activities. The region covered by the Black Canyon Audubon society encompasses nearly 8,300 square miles and includes Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, San Miguel and Ouray counties. Within this region, elevations vary from 4,695 to 14,309 feet above sea level. Rainfall ranges from less than 8 inches per year in the lower valleys to more than 50 on the higher peaks. Vegetation varies from desert scrub to boreal forest and alpine tundra.

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for some volunteers who can drive injured raptors to rehab centers. Usually the bird is in a pet kennel, and just needs a ride. Nothing hard about it. Please contact Bruce Ackerman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at (727) 858-5857 to be on the list for future needs.

Virtual Birding Tours

For those of you wishing you could go on a fabulous bird tour somewhere exotic, here is an opportunity to do so from your own home.  Maybe you will get some great ideas of places you will really get to go to once travel can happen again!

Click the link below

Tropical Birding Tours

Most in Person Field Trips and All in Person Programs are Cancelled Except First Tuesday Field Trips

The First Tuesday Field Trips have been started again.  These will be on February 2 and March 2, 2021.  Meet at the northeast corner of the Gold's Gym parking lot at the corner of East Main and Hillcrest Drive in Montrose at 9:00 a.m.  A nearby birding destination will be the destination.  Return should be by about noon.  Indipendent driving and social distancing, including wearing masks and not sharing equipment, will be the protocol in use. Contact Don Marsh at (209) 256-5744 or his This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information.

 We look forward to seeing you on other future field trips and programs, so be sure to check back in with us when we have the all clear to begin scheduling them in the future.

For now, enjoy the birds around your house and in your local neighborhood.  Please take care of yourself, family members, friends, and fellow citizens by limiting interactions outside of your home to only those that are necessary.  Wear masks, when appropriate, wash your hands often, and use hand sanitizer in situations that warrant it.  Do not hoard toilet paper or other necessities, particularly those needed by health providers and those needed by people with underlying health conditions.  Except for the virus, there is nothing to fear except fear itself, so stay calm, take necessary precautions, and stay well.

Chapter Goals

  • To promote the conservation of natural resources through informative public programs, our newsletter and this web site.
  • To provide the opportunity for the observation and study of birds and other wildlife, through our field trips.
  • To offer early education programs including bird banding stations and classroom bird skin programs.
  • To empower our members and the public with the knowledge to be effective environmental advocates.
  • To contribute to the recovery of the Gunnison Sage Grouse (GUSG) through joint efforts with GUSG working groups and federal and state agencies.

In Memorium

We were deeply saddened by the news of the deaths of Julie and Richard Duncan, who many knew as neighbors in Cobble Creek in Montrose.  Both were lovers of the outdoors and wildlife.  Julie, in particular, was a participant on BCAS field trips and was a lover of birds.  We would like to recognize contributions made to the BCAS in the memory of Julie and Richard.  We will put the donations to good use in our outreach and education programs.  Thank you very much to:

Sue and Bill Hirschman     Stan Braithwaite and Keena Unruh     Kathi Poulos

Irene Reed     Tessia Smith     Christine Cummins     Kathleen Griffin

Richard Gleichauf     Lorie Lail     Elizabeth Wilder     Diego and Kayla Casillas   

Karen Stepcick     Kathleen Condon     Doug Youngdahl    Mary Condon

Jeanne and Bill Silva    Don and Patty English    Ted and Marilyn Braithwaite

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Upcoming Programs:

In-Person Programs Canceled until further notice

In the meantime, here is virtual program you can attend:

Online Evening Program

Thursday, October 1, 2020, 7pm to 8pm, MDT

Nature‚Äôs Educators  www.natureseducators.org

Join Devin Jaffe, Founder of Nature's Educators, for a virtual Talon Talk!  Meet an Eagle, Owl, Hawk, and Falcon and learn about their personal stories, diets, habitats, conservation efforts, and more!  Suitable for all ages. There will be plenty of time for questions so come ready to learn!  

Nature's Educators is a conservation organization Sedalia, Colorado, near Littleton. Their goal is to bring animals into nature centers, classrooms, events, to teach about wildlife and help to create a healthy respect and understanding of all animals. They do in-person and online outreach and events.

Please pass the word.  Anyone is welcome to watch this presentation. You can watch from anywhere. Please feel free to invite anyone you know.

Usually, many of our members might not be able to attend an in-person meeting in Montrose.  But now we can reach even more people, who live in western Colorado, and anywhere in the world!!

We will provide a Zoom online link, in a few days.  Zoom is a safe and easy way to participate in your Audubon Group. You have to download the free software in advance of the meeting.

Upcoming Field Trips:

Most field trips are canceled until further notice

Bruce Ackerman is going to lead a FIRST TUESDAY Bird Walk on Tuesday October 6.  This will be the first time since last spring!

Meet at the northeast corner of the Gold's Gym parking lot (the corner of Hillcrest Dr. and Highway 50) at 9:00 AM to get started. Return to Montrose will be around noon. The destination has not been determined yet, but it will be near Montrose and will be the best place he can find. Bird migration has really been interesting in the last few weeks!   We will follow Covid social distancing rules with no carpooling, staying 6 feet apart, and no sharing of equipment.

If you would like to attend or for more information, contact Bruce at (727) 858-5857 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Leucistic red tail Neil Perry 2019l

Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk near Solar Road south of Montrose.  Photo taken by Robin Lewis on March 26, 2019.


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